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Indian Ek Mukhi Rudraksha With Lab Certificate

Indian Ek Mukhi Rudraksha With Lab Certificate

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A holy Indian Ek Mukhi Rudraksha bead. It's an extremely rare Rudraksha Bead that grows in the Himalayan region of India. Ek Mukhi is considered very sacred and powerful spiritually and finds its mentions in many sacred Indian texts & scriptures. This bead comes with a certification of authenticity from an ISO-certified Laboratory.

You can wear it tied in silk or cotton Dori or encase it in a silver pendant to wear around your neck with any mala.

Number of Faces: One Mukhi (One Face)

Size: 29.15 x 14.95 x 18.40 mm

Weight: 1.93 gm

Origin: Indian

Note: This Rudraksha Bead Is Tested Uniquely In Laboratory For Authenticity. Scan the QR Code to Verify On Laboratory Online.



Among all the rudrakshas, One Mukhi is the most auspicious. It’s a powerful bead for meditation that brings you closer to spirituality and Shiva. The positive reverberation of Ek Mukhi with devoted meditation awakens your consciousness, enlightens, and leads you to the path of nirvana. It reduces unnecessary attachment with worldly desires and eases your spiritual journey.
Wearing ek mukhi brings a positive transformation in your personality, with improved concentration and decision-making skills. It’s a good choice for those who assume leadership roles or head any organisation. It may be worn every day for meditation or placed in a pooja room or altar for daily worship.

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Keep Rudraksha in muslin when not in use

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